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15 Best Pagination Plugin for WordPress Sites

Pagination means the navigation from one page to the forthcoming pages and vice versa. There are many powerful plugins available in the WordPress, the PHP content management System. It provides a better look and feel to the wordpress site users. Some of the pagination plugins increases the SEO of the site by providing more links to the content.

Here in this post, we are introducing you to the world of 15 best pagination plugin for wordpress sites. This article will definitely help you to choose the best pagination plugin while you are developing a WordPress site. Some of them are WP pagination, WP Smart pagination etc.

1) WP PageNavi

WP PageNavi
2) WP Smart Pagination

WP Smart Pagination
3) Simple Pagination

Simple Pagination
4) Alphabetic Pagination

Alphabetic Pagination
5) jPages pagination for WordPress

jPages pagination for WordPress
6) jPages pagination for WordPress

7) WordPress Pagination

WordPress Pagination
8) Superb WordPress Pagination plugins

Superb WordPress Pagination plugins
9) WordPress Pagination

WordPress Pagination
10) Superb Pagination plugins

Superb Pagination plugins
11) Advanced Post Pagination

Advanced Post Pagination
12) WP SEO Paginate

WP SEO Paginate
13) Adjustly Nextpage

Adjustly Nextpage
14) WordPress Elegant Navigate Paginator

WordPress Elegant Navigate Paginator
15) Ajax pagination Infinite Scroll

Ajax pagination Infinite Scroll

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