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5 Tips That Work to Reduce Spamming on WordPress

Spamming has always been a big problem for all the businesses online. A single spam comment affects all other online blogging platforms as well like discussion forums, and many others. This is sad that it is not easy to stop this spamming completely and it will somehow attack your WordPress website. But spammers are still capable of submitting some spam to your wordpress if you try to disable the comments on your website.

stop wordpress spam

The comments won’t get displayed on the website but they will take their required space in database. Because of this the, overall size of the database will increase and will slower down the speed of your website. In this post we are going to discuss some tips and tricks for lowering down the spam on your WordPress website. Also we have some plugins that will help you in preventing spam on your website.

Let us have a look at the Tips and Tricks

Hold On The Comments To Get Modified

Personally I feel to moderate all the comments made by readers. If it has been sent by a bot then it won’t get accepted and will be kept on hold for moderation. However, if somebody comments manually and provides you with their links you can always report them as spam or can simply blacklist them.

Just check for the box which is named as ‘Comment author must have a formerly endorsed comment’. If you have faith on the user and you discover their comments as important, you will approve it. If at some other time that same user makes a remark, it will be sanctioned automatically. It will also help you in saving your time for managing with approving or disapproving the given comments on your post.

Hold On The Comments Having Links Attached

Mostly the spam comments have links included in them. The best way to take complete advantage of this is to send all your comments including links into the moderation queue. It is very easy to do, you can perform it by changing the settings in the Comment Moderation’ section.

By default, WordPress will automatically send comments for moderation if it has more than two links. But you can always cut it down to 1 because mostly the spam comments have only one comment.

Make Use of Comment Blacklist

This is an extremely valuable feature of the WordPress that larger part of the people doesn’t think about, or they don’t utilize it. It permits you to effortlessly boycott the IP location of spammers who are repeatedly attacking your site. You can boycott the comment makers using their URL, name, content, or email address. This is an exceptionally valuable route for discouraging each one of those individuals that are submitting the spam physically. I prescribe this to everybody!

Secured Comments on Previous Posts and Pages

While a large portion of the spam will happen on the recently published posts, it is regular for the spammers to focus on the previous posts. The reason being those posts has officially created good traffic and also a decent Search Engine Rankings. Some famous articles or posts might be years old, so you might not perceive that they have been assaulted by the spammers.

WordPress permits you to automatically disable the comments on posts and pages that are distributed with a characterized time period as days. I would propose that you need to set your post to 100 days to keep parity in keeping the comments empowered on the new posts and should stop the spam in the more seasoned posts or pages.

Make use of a Comment Tool

Disqus and Livefyre are two exceptionally prominent remarking instruments that will oblige individuals to log into a different record, for example, Disqus account, Facebook account and so on keeping in mind the end goal to submit comment on the blog entries. Utilizing such instruments can be extremely useful in lessening spam remarks in light of the fact that the spammers won’t put their time in logging to a completely new record for commenting.

There are also some useful Plugins that you can use for solving this problem of Spamming on your WordPress Website. However you cannot use all the plugins because they will slow down your site or your blog. Also some might give you error while some might not even work. Some of them are tried and tested with anti-spam plugins that will only ask for a simple installation from your side and rest they will take care of the things. So here we are going to discuss those anti-spam plugins that will work for you.

So, here are some of the anti-spam plugins that you will need.


This plugin allows you to check your comments against the Akismet web service to check whether they look like spam or not. Additionally, it will permit you to survey the spam that it gets under blog’s “comments” admin screen. Given are some of its useful features:

  • Urls are indicated in the comment body to uncover hidden links.
  • Moderators can see the quantity of sanction comments.
  • It saves your disk space and accelerates your site.

The plugin is available for free if you want to download.


This plugin will pose a question that comment writers have to answer effectively before the comment gets acknowledged. It will chop down the spambots, furthermore will be useful with troll-control. Writers can compose another test question and answer for each one post, or can have zero questions. Some of its useful features are:

  • Enter various right answers, divided by commas.
  • Answers gets checked by some caseless comparison.
  • Logged in clients don’t need to answer the questions.

This plugin is available for free to download.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plugin

This plugin includes a customer side produced checkbox to your comment structure and asks the clients to make sure that they are not a spammer. It is simple for the clients to click a case than entering a CAPTCHA. Some of its useful features include:

  • Set maximum limit of comments a client can have with some moderation.
  • It adds rapidly named fields to the comment structure.
  • Stops 99% of all robotized spam bots.

This plugin is available for free to download.

Lastly, Comment spam is a forever battle that almost majority of website owners are facing and will be facing in future. But if you can configure all your discussion settings as we have mentioned above, you will definitely be able to reduce a lot of spam on your WordPress website.

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